Wednesday, November 5, 2008

chicken fettuccini alfredo

i made this dish when a guest came over to our house for dinner. my dad has been going out with this girl(her name is kristine) and she used to be a pastry chef. i was in charge of dinner, so this is what i made.

chicken breast
pasta(any kind works)
alfredo sauce
garlic powder
basil leaves
extra virgin olive oil

me cooking

1) first i cooked the pasta. its pretty easy just boil some water and dump the noodles in and let them cook. then strain and stuff.
2) for the chicken, i cut off the fat of the breast, and cut it into cubes. then i put salt, pepper, and basil on each piece. next i pan cooked it in a little extra virgin olive oil, until it was fully cooked and had a nice color.
3) for the sauce, i put it in a sauce pan, and let it warm up on low heat for about 5 minutes. then i added garlic powder, salt, pepper, and crushed basil leaves. then i stirred it and let it cook more.

4) last, just mix the noodles, sauce, and chicken all together, and wa-la!!! you have a delicious, easy, home cooked meal. you can also throw on some parmesan cheese and some veggies on the side!

everyone loved the pasta. i know you will too!


Fireskin said...

I'm going to make Angie try it. :D

Angel said...

That sounds fantastic! David and I both have pasta as our favorite food right beside sushi. Definitely a meal I'd use for entertaining a guest too.