Tuesday, October 28, 2008


I made cupcakes with my little brother Nathan, and since its almost Halloween we made them ghosts!

I was lame again and made the cupcakes from a box. i wanted to be able to make them within the time nathan was there. the icing was already made, but i put it in bags and cut the ends off do do better details(although they didn't turn out amazing...)

they were delicious though

angry face
suprised face
all of them
Nathan helping me with the cupcakes(he kept trying to eat the batter rather than pouring it though...)


Fireskin said...

I love this! The blue is both freaky and yummy looking. Good for halloween.

The pic of Nathan is just very cute. Taking after his sister I see. :)

Elizabeth said...

Hi Kayla, It looks like you enjoy baking as much as I did at your age. I know your dad loves the results of your baking, he was always right there to sample all of mine too :-)
Give my love to your dad and Nathan and some for yourself.

Love, Aunt Elizabeth