Wednesday, November 5, 2008

cookie-brownie bars

for the same dinner i made cookie-brownie bars. i got the idea from a box at the grocery store.

stuff for cookies(chocolate chip)
stuff for brownies(regular)
powdered sugar
pam non-stick spray(for baking)
a cake pan

1) okat so i mixed the batter for the cookies and brownies in seperate bowls. thats the first step.
2) then i spread the brownie mix evenly on the bottom of the pan, after spraying THE BOTTOM ONLY with pam. after the brownie mix was in, i spooned cookie dough on top in kind of circular chunks evenly throughout the pan, just like if you were making plain cookies(except it was on top of brownies) then i popped it in the over for about 30 minutes(oven times vary.) dont forget to test it with a toothpick in both the areas with the brownie and cookie.
3) then i let it cool in the pan for a little bit(but not too long) and cut it with a spatula while still in the pan. then i sprinkled powdered sugar over the top(that part is optional) and i carefully used the spatula to remove the bars.
they were delicious! i completely suprised and impressed the lady that came over(kristine) and dad and torii...and myself! they were absolutely amazing!!!
and fun and easy!(always a plus)

try it out and you will be satisfied.


Fireskin said...

I, however, am going to try this one myself. :D

Elizabeth said...

All your cooking sounds wonderful Kayla. Love, Aunt Elizabeth

Angel said...

That sounds super tasty women! I bet it was extra nice having the opposing textures of the cooky vs brownie.