Thursday, December 11, 2008


i have a ton of new posts coming up i just need to find the time to post them. patience!they will come! i havent done much in the way of fancy lately but i've made some pretty tasty stuff!!!!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

cinnamon-sugar croissants

these were delicious

cinnamon sugar
powdered sugar
stuff for dough

step 1) make the dough. every recipe is different, so find one you like and make it. roll it out into a sheet and cut it into long, kinda thin triangles.
step 2) before rolling the triangles, lightly sprinkle cinnamon sugar on one side. roll each triangle and place evenly on a greased cookie sheet. sprinkle cinnamon sugar on top of each croissant, and bake at 350* for about 20 minutes(times vary) or until golden.
to make frosting) add butter, powdered sugar, and a bit of milk to a bowl and stir. amounts vary depending on how much you want. make it sweeter than normal (when put on the bread it balances out perfectly)
dip the bread in the frosting and enjoy!!

these are absolutely delicious. i suggest you try it out. you will be very pleased.

teriyaki chicken

i made teriyaki chicken for yet another dinner with christine(girl dad is going out with) and this time i made teriyaki chicken.

boneless chicken breast
teriyaki sauce
an oven

step 1) cut the boneless chicken breast into little bite-sized pieces. put them in a plastic bag with teriyaki sauce, and marinate for about 3 hours.
step 2) put rice in rice-cooker and press button(that part is easy but if you don't have a rice cooker there are instructions on most packages of rice to cook it in like a microwave or something)
step 3) after the chicken is marinated, put the pieces on the cookie sheet in 1 layer, and put in oven (oven at 325*) for 20-30 minutes(oven times vary) or until middle of chicken is white.

step 4)take of pan, put with rice, and enjoy!

its pretty easy. this was my first time making this and it turned out great. try it!


i made cornbread. it was from a mix so im not gonna go through the recipe.

it was really good though.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

cookie-brownie bars

for the same dinner i made cookie-brownie bars. i got the idea from a box at the grocery store.

stuff for cookies(chocolate chip)
stuff for brownies(regular)
powdered sugar
pam non-stick spray(for baking)
a cake pan

1) okat so i mixed the batter for the cookies and brownies in seperate bowls. thats the first step.
2) then i spread the brownie mix evenly on the bottom of the pan, after spraying THE BOTTOM ONLY with pam. after the brownie mix was in, i spooned cookie dough on top in kind of circular chunks evenly throughout the pan, just like if you were making plain cookies(except it was on top of brownies) then i popped it in the over for about 30 minutes(oven times vary.) dont forget to test it with a toothpick in both the areas with the brownie and cookie.
3) then i let it cool in the pan for a little bit(but not too long) and cut it with a spatula while still in the pan. then i sprinkled powdered sugar over the top(that part is optional) and i carefully used the spatula to remove the bars.
they were delicious! i completely suprised and impressed the lady that came over(kristine) and dad and torii...and myself! they were absolutely amazing!!!
and fun and easy!(always a plus)

try it out and you will be satisfied.

chicken fettuccini alfredo

i made this dish when a guest came over to our house for dinner. my dad has been going out with this girl(her name is kristine) and she used to be a pastry chef. i was in charge of dinner, so this is what i made.

chicken breast
pasta(any kind works)
alfredo sauce
garlic powder
basil leaves
extra virgin olive oil

me cooking

1) first i cooked the pasta. its pretty easy just boil some water and dump the noodles in and let them cook. then strain and stuff.
2) for the chicken, i cut off the fat of the breast, and cut it into cubes. then i put salt, pepper, and basil on each piece. next i pan cooked it in a little extra virgin olive oil, until it was fully cooked and had a nice color.
3) for the sauce, i put it in a sauce pan, and let it warm up on low heat for about 5 minutes. then i added garlic powder, salt, pepper, and crushed basil leaves. then i stirred it and let it cook more.

4) last, just mix the noodles, sauce, and chicken all together, and wa-la!!! you have a delicious, easy, home cooked meal. you can also throw on some parmesan cheese and some veggies on the side!

everyone loved the pasta. i know you will too!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008


I made cupcakes with my little brother Nathan, and since its almost Halloween we made them ghosts!

I was lame again and made the cupcakes from a box. i wanted to be able to make them within the time nathan was there. the icing was already made, but i put it in bags and cut the ends off do do better details(although they didn't turn out amazing...)

they were delicious though

angry face
suprised face
all of them
Nathan helping me with the cupcakes(he kept trying to eat the batter rather than pouring it though...)