Tuesday, October 7, 2008


Cherry pie is DELICIOUS! i made it and ate it for the first time.
Since it was my first time, i got pre-made pie crust(2 dough crusts, not the crumbly gram cracker ones), and 1 can of pre-made cherry filling. the rest of the filling was real cherries.
i cut all the real cherries in half to get the seeds out, then i just poured all the filling in one of the pie crusts. i flattened the other one and cut it into strips to lay across the top, making the cool criss-crossy pattern. then i popped it in the oven at 425 degrees for 15 minutes, then lowered the temperature to 325 for another 30 minutes.
i let the pie cool for about 30 minutes, then ate it! i kinda failed at cutting a piece and getting it on the place neatly so it actually looked like a slice of pie, but i covered my failure up with some whipped cream and a strategically placed raspberry. the pie was amazing!!! i can't wait to make it again!


Fireskin said...


You're totally cooking at Christmas time.

Angel said...

That filling looks amazing. The lattice top looks great. When you get here we'll practice weaving the top so it looks even fancier.
Great Job Gungadin!