Tuesday, August 19, 2008


okey dokey so i made a pizza and it was DELICIOUS.
i named him tasty pete.
and indeed he was tasty. anyways here are some pics of tasty pete.

before baking
after baking
all gone!

so tasty pete had his dough, sauce, cheese, and chicken
i made the dough and kneaded it and let it rise. then i spread it out on the pan very carefully. i decided just to help it rise a little more i put it in the oven for about 5 minutes then took it out and put on tomato sauce with a little bit of pepper, some cheese, and i cut up and half-way cooked some chicken breast, and put that on top also.

pizza is actually pretty easy to make. you can get the pre-made ingredients and slap it together quickly or you can take your time. either way works, but it's simple, delicious, and fun. try it some time!

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Angel said...

Hurray I got to eat some of this!!! It was freaking to kill for!