Saturday, August 2, 2008

chinese chicken salad!!!

okay so my measurements are kind of different. when you buy silverware there are normally two different sizes of spoons, large and small. those are the measurements i'm using at the moment.

1 small spoon sugar
3 large spoons soy sauce
2 large spoons vinegar
1 pack dry ramen (any flavor)

okay so for Chinese chicken salad you can choose your own lettuce, although i like to use napa cabbage (its really tall and ruffly) but if you want to you can use regular lettuce.

alright so chinese chicken salad is very simple here are the directions

step 1: cut or rip lettuce into salad
step 2: slice chicken into strips if they are not already in strips
step 3: add chicken to salad
step 4: cruch up a pack of ramen
step 5: add ramen to salad
step 6: in cup or small bowl, add sugar, soy sauce, ramen flavor(from the packet), and vinegar (if you like the taste of vinegar you can use 3 large spoons instead of 2)
step 7: mix sauce well
step 8: pour over salad
step 9: toss salad
step 10: serve and enjoy

TADA! there you have it. oh by the way if you are making a lot of salad you can make more sauce. it's all to do with whatever proportions you want. and sorry i don't have any pictures right now but i might later. :D

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